Installed Nikon Capture NX (the CD in the box was View NX but there was a licence for capture if you downloaded it).
I hope I’m not offending anyone here when I say that I think this software is poop? It seems very unintuitive and slow (although that might be more about my machine but its definitely slower than Photoshop). Decided I couldn’t cope with this so decided to download the trial of Photoshop CS3. The new raw converter (4.3) has the D300 raw reader in it but unfortunately wont work with any earlier versions of Photoshop – this is the first expense I hadn’t budgeted for 😦
Secondly I hadn’t envisaged how big the file would be. The RAW files are between 11 and 13 mb each. Once converted to TIFF the files are 70mb! I think I’m going to need some more space and a faster machine to cope with the new demands 😐
Also *had to* download the codec so that I could see my RAW files in windows explorer:


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