Christmas Journey

My recent journey down to Dorset was the perfect opportunity to while away a dull train journey by having a camera to play with 🙂 And last night while Mike watched a film I didn’t want to see I got my chance to process them too! I have put up a gallery of test shots from the journey here:

Here is a taster:

Testing to understand the multiple exposure function. This is fun to play with. I’m sure I can come up with something better now I understand how it works. You set it to allow multiple exposures and set the number of exposures you intend to take (in this case 2). Then you take your pictures one after the other as normal except that the camera overlays them onto the same picture:

Taking images from the window of a moving train proved to be more difficult than expected too. This one didn’t come out too badly (with a little post processing help from Camera Raw Converter 4.3 – thanks Adobe). Most of them just came out as black blurry hedgerows though.



Trains have photo opportunities inside them too:


and once u get there…


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