1st Underwater images with an SLR

A couple of Saturdays ago I went to Bournemouth for a one day underwater photo course with Martin Edge (http://www.edgeunderwaterphotography.co.uk/).

There a few reasons I decided to do this. Mainly because I have recently purchased my 1st SLR (Nikon D300) and up until now I have only dived with compact cameras. I knew diving with a bulky and heavy SLR housing was going to be very different to what I am used to and wanted a preview before I tried it in the sea. I’m very glad I did. The day was very enjoyable and I got lots of tips (and photos) and a chance to get to know Martin before my holiday in March where Mike and I are joining his trip to Cebu in the Philippines.

He allowed me to use his D200 in Subal housing in the pool and here are the results… No plastic toys were harmed in making this gallery 😉

see the fully gallery here on pbase:


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