Metro Damned Irresponsible… Again

Once again my morning trip to work was marred with annoyance at the media showing pictures of people touching wild marine life and sensationalising sharks. As I read Page 3 of today’s Metro over my boyfriends shoulder I was resolve this time to write a letter. In fact, I did the next best thing. I commented on the metro story online. All their comments get moderated so in case they don’t approve mine, here it is in all its under-1000-character glory!

“I must say I’m a little disappointed in you Metro. This is the 2nd time in as many months that you have featured well trained people touching marine life (the other was a free diver ‘riding’ dolphins) on p3 without a mention that untrained people should NOT try this on their own. Thousands of people read the metro everyday and you’d be surprised at how many divers don’t understand that it’s wrong and harmful to touch sea life, the amount of idiots we see trying to ‘ride’ wild turtles is testimony to this! It only takes 1 joker to scare a turtle into diving too deep (and drowning) or hurting a dolphin or reef shark by pulling on their fins 😦

On the upside, I’m very glad that you are bringing the beautiful undersea world to such a large audience. Conservation needs this exposure badly and people like ‘Gerry’ clearly need educating about these beautiful/powerful creatures and their place in this world.

Please put in a disclaimer next time!!”

I was gobsmacked and saddened when I read Gerry’s opinion (which is so against my own views, I won’t reproduce here) 😦 Go here to see the comments and the article.


2 thoughts on “Metro Damned Irresponsible… Again

  1. Here here!

    Save the sharks 🙂

    Cut Gerry’s fins off and throw him, still alive, into the ocean!

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