What happens when reef conservation, mathematics and women’s handicraft collide?

Last night we took a stroll to the southbank. We went to see the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Haywood Gallery. Before we went in though, we popped in to see the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.

An exhibition of coral reefs replicated in hand made crochet to highlight the plight of coral reefs from pollution and global warming. At the Haywood gallery & Royal festival hall foyer (both free) until 17th August. People from around the world have crocheted these amazing mathematical hyperbolic forms. For more info see the Southbank centre website here.

Click here to see my photos of the reef.

The Psycho Buildings exhibition was much cooler than I expected too (although I don’t know why I didn’t expect as much since the Haywood rarely disappoints). I think my favourite pieces were ‘Show Room’ (exploded room) and ‘Place (Village)’ (small lit up dolls houses). I also liked the Staircase in red polyester and the steel plate ‘Life tunnel’. We didn’t bother going onto the boating lake because there seemed to be a 40min queue. Go and see it if you can, it finishes 25th August and costs £10 for a full ticket.


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