Ear juice recipe

We met a lovely lady, Karen, on our last trip to Bali who donated the rest of her ear juice and gave us the recipe for future reference. Why would one need ear juice I hear you cry! Well my ear was doing that annoying itchy thing that is the precursor to some nasty ear infections. Sometimes when diving or swimming in the sea you can pick up an ear infection because of the pollution in the water or various bacteria. This stuff is the business as it wards it off the infection, well it certainly did for me. Mike even ended up putting it on his foot (because he cut it and didn’t want it to get infected either). I just used a couple of drops each night before I went to bed and let it sit for 5mins or so to do its work. Obviously I’m no doctor so if you actually have problems with your ears before you go anyway you should get proper advice but then you probably wouldn’t be diving anyway.

1/3 bottled water (distilled)

1/3 rubbing alcohol (70%)

1/3 white vinegar


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