Dumb as a box of hair

Adobe Bridge to Lightroom:

How is it that people can make the switch? Or do you have to start with lightroom for the beginning?

Bridge is so easy to use, like windows explorer with pictures. Lightroom is an image management system which is what I *think* I need to sort of the mess that is my archive. Why oh why does it have to be so unintuitive?? I started like I do with every piece of software, just try it out and see what it does. Imported my pics no problem. Except that no, you have to keyword on import and set up all the settings and generally fine tune the whole process before you even begin or its even more unmanageable than before! So tonight I removed all images from the catalogue. Created myself a few test folders of images to play with.

I bought this book that I’ve been trying to read while not sitting in front of my pc (I got up to page 29). The book is very detailed – again showing how difficult Lightroom has to be if you can write a 600 page book on it! This was useful in what settings to use on import. The thing I cannot understand is why do all my bridge labels and settings seem not to import? Is it because I imported to DNG format? hmmm… Does everyone else find the whole thing as boring and frustrating as me? Is it really worth the effort in the end? If I edit in lightroom I can see it in Bridge but if I edit in Bridge I cannot see it in lightroom. Grrr…

I had a play with the develop settings but I couldn’t really understand what I was doing and for tonight at least I’ve lost patience with it! I’m used to bridge and having little colour label filters. I’m used to camera raw and how that works. I only want to change a few things – how hard can it be. I’m not a stupid person (or computer illiterate, I’m a software developer by trade) so why do I feel dumb as a box of hair tonight?

I found this old test image (cant really remember what I was testing now) and processed it camera raw and photoshop in less than a minute.


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