Photobox Pro Gallery – ordering prints

I’ve been thinking about moving over from Red Bubble to a more UK friendly photo printers (since the UK £ is low against the other world CCYs the base prices are amazingly expensive). That and the user interface on red bubble has changed to be very confusing.

I’m giving photobox a test run. You get 40 free prints when you sign up (I think its if you sign up for either a pro account or a normal personal account). I have to say I’m impressed, I ordered mine and they came the next day.

They come in packaging that looks like a space mans lunch. The colours are slightly different than my spydar 3 calibrated monitor but not bad looking. The underwater blues were quite nice (these often look dreadful with shop prints). All in all I’m impressed and would order from them again.

One thing I would say is if you are intending to have a pro gallery (where you display your photos for people to buy) put the 40 prints that you are going to order free into a personal gallery first. It seems they have a bug in their system where they don’t know that you are ordering your own prints and therefore the free credits cannot be applied. There are some issues they need to iron out before I’m happy to sell my photos with them (their watermarking is very ugly for one thing but I do like to have watermarking on my photos) but their customer support is superb. Very quick and helpful 🙂

UPDATE: Today I found out they have fixed their copyright watermarking to make it fainter (and not look so bad) so I have decided to start using the system and see if anyone bites on my pro gallery – I’ll keep you posted. Link here if interested 😉


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