Blog Renovation?

Since I joined twitter I’ve been exposed to so many interesting links and articles from and about photography and ways a photographer can use social networking/blogging/twitter etc to an advantage. @photojack is a really good source for this type of information and through him and various others I have found a whole raft of new and wonderful photographer blogs to follow – I’ll blog about these later. The point of this post (which I’ll get around to eventually) is much of the information that’s been feeding into my brain has started me to question the roll of my blog and how I can make it better, more interesting and perhaps even more widely read?

This series of really useful and interesting posts from PixelatedImage blog on how/why/should photographers blog really hit home…

The Photographer and the Blog, Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

I must admit, I do fall into the category of bloggers that have a difficulty with writing. I enjoy it, but it takes me a while. I like to read blogs which have lots of lovely interesting links (inspired by kultureflash updates). And being a photographer I feel bad if my blog post doesn’t have a photo in it (like today). So over the bank holiday (yay) weekend I will endeavor to come up with the list of things that will hopefully transform my blog into something more people will find interesting to read and come back to. If you have any ideas that you would like me to implement (more tutorials on underwater equipment I have? Or a random image a day or whatever) please leave me a comment below. They are moderated (for catching those pesky spammers) so they will show up when I see and approve them. Have a good weekend all!

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