Understanding CSS layout design for PBASE Galleries: Part 5 – Go Live:

continued from part 4

Once you have your local pages looking the way you’d like  them too you’ll need to take your css file and upload the changes to pbase and apply to your galleries.

Add a new css to pbase

Go to one of your galleries and in the main gallery settings you’ll see the link for edit style sheets. This takes you to a page that defines all you style sheets. Go to the bottom where it says Create a new style sheet and add a name and click the button. This creates you a new sheet and puts in some example code for you. Delete all the sample code from the big box and paste in the code from you css test file. Then click update css button.

Apply to galleries

Now go through all your galleries (that you want the style on) and select your new style sheet from the dropdown.

The end

The great thing about this approach is, if you only have one style sheet across your whole site you can change the look of your whole site by changing one file in the future! I hope this has been helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer – remember I’ve only just discovered this myself though 😉 Your comments will get moderated so may not show up straight away.

Also, my css is not perfect yet so if I find out anymore tips or issues I’ll be sure to update this. Things I’ve not covered are Pblog galleries and pblog css and I think the main (all galleries) might be different.

My gallery is here and at some point I’ll do a front page tutorial. Also, I still need to cover pblog galleries and the profile page (yes you can customise this but I’m not quite sure how yet). Let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me if you found this useful.


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