Wintery Updates

Ok, I’m usually a tropical sort of person but its winter holiday time again and wordpress has added a new feature to make it snow on your blog so until January the 4th this will be my little winter corner!

If you want to make your blog snow here’s the link…

Dont worry I’ll bring back the sun in January when I come back from Cayman with some more tropical underwater photos! 🙂

In other news my pc has died (booo!) so I wont be able to update my facebook photography page until its fixed (both facebook and Redbubble are now banned at work)!

5 thoughts on “Wintery Updates

  1. Wow! Beautiful shot!!! I love these tones and colours, the dreamy feel. The snow coming down on your blog gives such a peaceful feel. We are supposed to have snow this upcoming weekend (I hope!).

  2. No Dave No! I think the blog is exactly the place for snow… I dont really want it under my feet and making the trains break 😐 for a month!? 😐

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