Multiple view points

In a gathering of photographers we are enviably taking photographs of the same subjects. Sometimes it is nice to step back and review the photos from the various different points of view…. sometimes it’s really great to have a sort of ‘making of’ documentary on a photo you enjoyed taking.

I loved the Sting Ray sandbar in Cayman! Not diving (not even snorkeling) just sort of sinking with style in the waist deep clear blue water, waiting for the arrival of the rays and admiring the sand drifts. This was my 1st time there and I had been waiting all week for this divesite, Alex has been there many many times so took the opportunity to test out his new polecam – why get wet to take underwater photos if you don’t have to??  Alex & Mike kindly let me show their images here… so without further ado here are images of the same scene from me, Mike & Alex …

<click images to see larger>

Alex testing his polecam..

Making of… Alex testing his polecam from above the water…

The shot Alex took…

Just to prove that Alex really did get in the water that day…


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