Leigh Art Trail on until Sunday

I had the opportunity to visit the Leigh-on-sea Art Trail last night. It’s on until this Sunday so if you are in the area or want to take the train out of London somewhere nice this weekend then it’s worth considering…

Leigh-on-sea is a lovely little fishing town about 35-45mins out on the train from London. It was a lovely sunny evening last night and the walk around the trail (those artists who were open late anyway) and back along the sea front to the station was lovely in the warm sunshine.

All the artists we met were extremely friendly and talented (and most provide free wine). We didn’t get to see all the Artists but of those we did my favourites were the potter Richard Baxter, the illustrator Dominic Mylroie and the mosaic guy Paul Siggins.

I collected business cards of all the artists I saw on the way around, pictured here:

Art Trail Biz Cards

Some artists are open late again tonight and the event is on until Sunday. Check out the official site


that has a map of the trail and a bio on all the artists. There’s also a blog:  http://leigharttrail.blogspot.com/

Happy Art Hunting!


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