I’ve completed my Solo photo book month

Solo photo book month – The aim is to create 35 photos (or more) and text (if you want to) and put them in a PDF photobook all within 31 days!

I’ve just completed my 1st book, ebook to be precise. In one month.

7 days in the Red Sea: http://www.sofobomo.org/book-405-7-days-in-the-Red-Sea

A collection of images from our recent Red Sea trip.

The SoFoBoMo site had a size restriction on the file so don’t bother trying to print it because it’ll look very crap. It’s been optimised for screen viewing and compressed to within an inch of its life to get it down to under 7mb. Most of the resources on the site seem to be for a mac which makes the pdf-ing quite easy apparently. I’m still on a pc. I used Microsoft publisher to layout which was pretty easy to use. I published to pdf but there wasn’t really any options on the pdf (security or document properties or anything) so I downloaded a free trial version of Adobe Acrobat 9 to edit my pdf properties.

Hope you enjoy my book. Thinking of doing a version of it with more photos (ie not from the one week) on blurb. Let me know what you think?

Want more information? Thinking of Joining in next year? Here’s the link:


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