PhotoFriday – ‘Dark’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Dark’

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I was thinking about the theme, dark – spooky (give Halloween has just been & gone) or Dark – lightless. This photo may seem an obvious choice for the theme but I don’t like to paint the underwater world as a dark place in either sense of the word. The light from the sun penetrates down to sport diving depth well enough (even if we do lose the red colours) and for the most part being underwater is not spooky or sinister… until you go inside a shipwreck. I’ve never been that much of a fan of actually going inside. The thought that on most the these wrecks people have died makes me feel a little disrespectful somehow. However I figure if I treat the place with respect and don’t steal parts of the ship (some people do!) then any resident ghosts might not mind me visiting. Another reason for not going inside is its quite difficult to take a nice indoor photo in a wreck. However Alex Mustard and I were playing with his off camera strobe to great spooky effect in this section of the Ghannis D, Red Sea, Egypt. The port holes provide some nice cathedral lighting and the off camera strobe shows the extent of the area inside which would normally be in shadow. I like this one because it looks like a stage where something very cool is about to happen which gives the photo some dramatic tension.

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4 thoughts on “PhotoFriday – ‘Dark’

  1. This is very cool. I also remember seeing Alex’s shot like this in his recent article on off-camera strobes. I really love the depth the off-camera strobes give to images. Nicely done Suzy. I hope to try this someday.

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