PhotoFriday – ‘Trees’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Trees’

Click image to go to see alternate sizes.

I’ve mentioned before how amazing I thought the blue water Mangroves in Raja Ampat (Indonesia) are. In the past I’ve focused on the colour of the soft corals that cling to the submerged roots of the trees or the blue tranquillity of the place. This weeks PhotoFriday is trees and here are my half submerged trees that live int he salty water and provide a nursery to all manner of sea creatures who grow up under the protection of in their roots.

Check out other photos in my Raja Ampat Mangroves Gallery.

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7 thoughts on “PhotoFriday – ‘Trees’

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  2. Hi John, thanks v much 🙂 The trick is to focus on the underwater part of the image & to have a large f-stop for it to have sufficient depth of field so the above water part is also in focus. I hope that helps 🙂

  3. Cool shots Suzy, and thanks for the reminder that I would really like to try some over/under stuff on this next trip. I have never done this.

    Do you use a coating on the dome to prevent water drips? We have a product over here called RainX for car windshields that I have seen some people recommend.

  4. I’ve heard of rainX but never used it. Someone once recommend shampooing it which I haven’t tried either. Be careful putting chemicals on your dome if you get an acrylic one! Mine is glass but all I do is either keep the top 1/2 dry (almost impossible) or dunk, raise & click whilst there’s still a film if water on it. The bigger the dime the easier it us to do splits.

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