Back from Cayman & Florida

I’m back, still jet lagged though so not many photos to show you yet. I went for a couple of weeks in Cayman (one week in Alex Mustards photo workshop as we did last year) and a couple of days of extra play. Saw all the good stuff, Sharks, Caves, Rays, the new Kittewake Wreck (only 3 weeks old) and lots of blennies! Then off to Miami & over to Ford Lauderdale where we stopped off in Reef photo & Video. Luckily for my wallet I managed to escape without buying too much but it was nice to see the shop in person. The over to West Palm beach to have a few critter dives at Blue Heron Bridge. Then finally to Crystal river to see the adorable Manatees! I’ll be posting more as I process them but heres a taster: Click for large images & come back soon 🙂

I’ll be putting my florida photos here:

and my Grand Cayman photos here:


4 thoughts on “Back from Cayman & Florida

  1. Been to Reef Photo before. Amazing place, for their stock, though the show-room isn’t much. They DO know their stuff.

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  3. I have wanted to get to Crystal River for years – beautiful manatee image. Looks like that wreck definitely needs some more residents! 🙂 All in good time I suppose. Looking forward to seeing more shots.

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