PhotoFriday – ‘Ethereal’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Ethereal’

Click image to go to see alternate sizes (they look better larger).

I have some Jellyfish photos from Florida to process that would have fit this theme perfectly but I still haven’t got around to processing them yet and for that I’m sorry. I promise to get back around to it. I have a few posts in my thoughts once I have the photos ready to back them up. I want to tell you all about the Schooling rays in Cayman and the new wreck, the Kittiwake where a battalion of squid live at one end. Also about my first trip to Blue Heron Bridge in Florida (where I saw the jellies amongst other things). Anyway, for now you will have to see these photos that I also think fit this theme…

The photo above if hundreds of tiny glass fish caught in the light from a hole in the reef while I was underneath in a swim-thru (from Cayman last year).

The photo below is also from Cayman last year where the surge of the waves were brushing over the sand dunes.

This photo is from Raja Ampat, Indonesia in the blue water mangroves. A truly magical place where the sunlight suspends in the still waters. Unfortunately my photo here doesn’t do it justice.

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5 thoughts on “PhotoFriday – ‘Ethereal’

  1. I love the glass fish shot Suzy. Really beautiful. I hope I’ll be seeing you guys in May?


  2. Thanks Julian. We won’t be coming this may 😦 we’re south red sea-ing at the end of the year for a change this year and doing something land based for Mike in the summer

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