New Wreck in Grand Cayman – Kittiwake

I have lived up to the promise in my previous post to get back to processing my images from our trip to Cayman at the end of January, I cannot believe it’s already March – where did the time go??!

Here are some images of the recently sank ex-USS Kittiwake Submarine Rescue vessel. It’s not often as divers that we get to see a ship in such good condition but this was 3 weeks after it had been sunk. I usually only like ships for the life that gathers on them (because most other things have rotted away to being unrecognisable) but this one was interesting for all the stuff on it and the sparkly whiteness of it. Also I didn’t have that slightly guilty feeling that I was disturbing the dead since this ship was sunk specifically for divers. They even took out anything that you might catch a hose on. Go to the official website for more info on the ship & its history.

(As usual all the images are clickable to go and see larger versions and all are copyright Suzy Walker).

There is some life on it though, this little battalion of squid seem to live up in the shallows by the mast:

You cannot go inside on your first dive and you have to be accompanied when you do but its worth it because there is lots of interesting stuff in there. Bathrooms and machinery etc. From the outside you can see the Decompression chambers (which I thought were quite cool):

A little way away from the wreck under our boat there was a nice school of jacks to play in too…

All in all a great dive site. All these photos were taken with Nikon D300, Tokina 10-17 fisheye, Magic filter and natural light. If you’d like to see more from my Cayman trip (I’m still processing them) they will appear in here:

3 thoughts on “New Wreck in Grand Cayman – Kittiwake

  1. Very nice Suzy! I particularly like the squid batallion, the shot down in the sand with the chain, and the school of Jacks. It is a bit unusual to see a “wreck” so clean! But like you said, only 3 weeks…

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