Reef Sharks in Grand Cayman

Whilst in Cayman a month or so back we were lucky enough to see some reef sharks. Jarrett (who’s been on Jim Abernathy special shark trips) told me after the dive that you are supposed to look at the shark in the eye when he comes towards you (they can be curious to find out what you are) so when one came so close as to almost bump off the port of my camera there I was cowering behind the viewfinder taking photos. I didn’t think he was going to eat me, there were too many of us on the dive site, he was just being friendly. I got many out of focus photos, I had my 60mm macro on which usually has a really fast auto focus but the sharks swim so quickly and they such a gradual shading from grey to white on their noses that the camera struggled to find enough contrast to focus with but it was a great dive!


3 thoughts on “Reef Sharks in Grand Cayman

  1. Nice collection. Haven’t had a lot of real close encounters with reefies, but saw quite a few in the distance off of Cayman Brac.

  2. Wow that is so exciting. My heart would have been pounding out of my chest simply being thrilled! Headed there next month and definetely seeking them out.

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