Earth Day – Florida Manatees

To celebrate Earth Day today I’d like to introduce to to some Florida Manatees. The are an endangered species that die out in winter when it gets too cold.

Some sanctuaries have been set up in Crystal River where it is possible for you to go and interact with them (as long as you don’t harass or stress them). Once you see them in person its impossible not to love them! They vie with each other for your attention as long as you give them a good tickle. In fact I did more scratching of bellies than I did taking photographs which should tell you how compelling they are 🙂

You can find out some facts about Manatees here and how to get involved with saving them here.

I haven’t finished processing all my manatee photos from our trip yet be when I do I’ll do another log post with more photos so stay tuned and thanks for looking.

7 thoughts on “Earth Day – Florida Manatees

  1. Really amazing photos. It’s so cool that you can get so close to them.
    Manatees are one of my favorite animals. I’ve been thinking about “adopting” one and today is the perfect day for it!

  2. Terrific images Suzy. I particularly love the sunburst one. Just magical. I just hope they are around long enough for me to eventually get my butt down there and spend some time with them. It is long overdue. I love that they are in shallow water where you can see the reflections at the surface.

  3. Looks like a fun trip. It would be amazing to spend some up close time with Manatees. The first picture is great with the sun shining down!

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