PhotoFriday – ‘Manufactured’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Manufactured’

Click image to go to see alternate sizes (looks better larger).

Everything these days is manufactured. When I think of the word it brings to mind packing plants and assembly lines. Of Ford and pop art (Campbell’s soup!) and shiny new things made from chrome. As with all new things sometimes they get lost in the sea and become old and corroded. It’s funny when you see an old wreck. There are obvious bits that are manmade and some that are so degraded that you cannot tell where the man-made ends and the hard coral and rock begins. I’m not keen on wrecks as some of you may know but my all time favourite wreck is the Thistlegorm in the red sea. As a bombed out WW2 ship its huge and filled with all sorts of goods to look at. Rifles, trucks, motorcycles, wellie boots and even a couple of trains! I hope you enjoy my photo of one of the bikes above.

If you want to see more of my underwater photos from the Red sea, Egypt then check out other photos in my Red Sea 2009 Gallery.

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ps, I think I forgot to submit last weeks link to photo friday so if you still want to check my entry out anyway then its here.


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