Namibia Untamed 2011

I wanted to do a post about our Namibia photo trip as promised (even though I haven’t quite finished processing the photos) but I’m going to have to do it over several posts because the trip covered thousands of miles across Namibia (on a coach driven by an entertaining man called Wimpie) so much of the time was spent travelling between amazing places. I’ve logged the rough route below in a google map and I’ve listed the forth coming posts (which I’ll update with links as I get there). We went with a company called Squiver, run by a lovely Dutch husband and wife team Marsel van Oosten & Daniëlla Sibbing.

The route below starts at the airport, from there we stayed one night in the Olive Grove Guest house which was nice but we didn’t really get into the photo taking until we got to our first main destination:
• First stop, the quiver tree forest near Keetmanshoop to photograph quiver trees & tame cheetahs.
• Secondly we made our way over to west to see the amazing abandoned diamond mine at Kolmanskop (we stayed at Luderitz nearby)
• Then we packed up and drove all the way to Namib Naukluft Park (to stay in the lovely Sossusvlei Dune Lodge) to spend time seeing the sand dunes – amazing!
• Up to Spitzkoppe (via Swakopmund but we didn’t really take any pictures here) to see some rocks.
• Finally up to Etosha to see some wildlife and do some safari

The trip over all was great fun. Not at all the photos that I usually take. Mike very much enjoyed himself too. You can see the currently unfinished set of my images here (some of which will be appearing in the posts to come) and Mikes Namibia Flickr set here.

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