Rocky landscape at Spitzkoppe – Namibia Part 4

This fourth major stop on our tour of Namibia came as a bit of a shock to Mike and I since clearly neither of us had read the documentation provided with the trip all that closely and we didn’t realise it would include any camping (eeek)! Far from any romantic notions of sleeping out under the stars with roaring campfires and suchlike my association with camping has always been being freezing cold (and sometimes wet & muddy), having disgusting food, massive bugs and unsanitary toilet facilities (if any), nowhere to wash properly and a massive hangover the next day as I’d tried in vain to make all these things less bad and to get a beer-coat to keep me warm through the night. Things this time were not quite so drastic (thank god)! I was introduced to the world of glamping. This is where the tents have actual furniture, beds, tables, electric lamps (no more fumbling around in bags with a torch to find your toothbrush) etc And the toilets were recently hired, proper toilets that were clean and bug free and had a sink where you can brush teeth etc. Also the food was yummy, and we had a dining room tent in which to stay out of the cold wind while we ate. Unfortunately even with all this nothing could be done about the temperature and when we weren’t almost roasting on the roaring campfire we were freezing to death all night. Needless to say Mike and I won’t be taking up glamping as a new alternative to a proper hotel room on our travels 😉

The upside to all this was that we were inside an amazing area of natural beauty. According to Wikipedia the granite at Spitzkoppe is more than 700 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1784 meters (5857 feet) above sea level. There are plenty of large rocky areas to scrabble up and admire the view from. There is a cool looking rock arch which we particularly liked.

In the evening some of us stayed out a little longer to photograph the stars & rocks before heading back to camp. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in – although in some ways I think they make an interesting effect. The moon was also very bright that evening so we experimented with light from the torch on the rocks and took some shots of that and some with only moonshine lighting them.

In the morning there was no point staying cold in bed so I got up and went up to the rock arch to watch to dawn spread through the landscape. I really enjoyed seeing the light hit a small piece of fog that drifted in for a short time too, it was all very peaceful.

To see more images like this go to my Namibia Gallery on pbase.

We went with a company called Squiver, run by Marsel van Oosten & Daniëlla Sibbing. The trip covers thousands of miles across Namibia so much of the time was spent travelling between amazing places, I’ll be splitting the trip report over 5 posts. This is post 4. The index page for this series is here. Up next is the amazing wildlife national park Etosha and some safari photos.

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