PhotoFriday – ‘Curvature’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Curvature’

Click image to go to see alternate sizes (they look better larger).

I found it difficult to visualise a good photo for this week’s theme immediately. A theme that makes you think hard is both a blessing and a curse, then I came up with too many options to explore! Curvature of the earth (as shown by star trails), curvature that you get with a fisheye lens and my personal fav, the unique curvature of Snell’s window. Since this is (or tries to be) primarily an blog about underwater photography I went with the Snell’s window option. For those of you who’ve never heard this term before it is a phenomenon where when you are underwater and look up you see everything above the surface through a cone of light of width of about 96 degrees. This phenomenon is caused by refraction of light entering water, and is governed by Snell’s Law. The area outside Snell’s window will either be completely dark or will show a reflection of underwater objects. The best photos of snells window come where the surface of the water is calm and you can see through the surface to what is happening above. With these photos, I’m in the mangroves where the trees grow in the water and soft coral has formed on the underwater roots. Through snells window you can see the green leaves of the tree tops above the water.

this is more of a side view in the mangroves:

If you want to see more of my Raja Ampat Mangrove photos then check out other photos in my Raja Ampat Mangrove Gallery.

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