PhotoFriday – ‘Recreation’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Recreation’

In this blog I rarely cover the actual act of diving itself. Recreational diving has been going on since the 1950’s but today its cheaper and easier than ever to go and learn to dive. I learned in the Red Sea in Egypt in 2003 and its been my favourite dive destination since then and even though it’s often very crowded with divers we try to go once every year. In 2005 I was lucky enough to trail after my dive buddy and partner whilst he did a few of his lessons. I thought they’d make a good selection for this week’s theme.

At depth (starting from about 6m) we start to lose colours, red first then down though all the light wavelengths until all you see is blue. The reason my photos are usually so full of colours if that I bring flash guns (strobes) down with me to bring back the colour. A red filter can also bring back some of the colours. Here Jimmy the instructor is showing the newbies this theory in practice with a colour chart, he is pointing at red.

To be comfortable & safe in the water takes good buoyancy control. The jacket that we wear allows us to put air from our tank into it to give us lift in the water and the weights around our waist are a counterbalance. In an absolute emergency we would just drop the weights and float slowly to the surface. To give the newbies a test of buoyancy control a small assort course is created where they have to pick up extra weights or hold a bottle filled with air and adjust their jacket to accommodate either so they can swim along without floating up too fast or sinking like a stone. It is always recommended to have excellent buoyancy control to be an underwater photographer so that we can get close to the reef without touching or damaging it.

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2 thoughts on “PhotoFriday – ‘Recreation’

  1. That sounds like a great buoyancy control test. Good idea. It is really an essential skill that should be picked up by all divers. I noticed a lot of scuba sausages in your deck photo above. 🙂

  2. yeah, its actually suprisingly difficult 🙂 In the red sea you have to have 1 safety sausage between you at the very least. they might have even changed it to one each. Not that the boats take much notice of them 😉

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