PhotoFriday – ‘My Baby’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’My Baby’

This week’s theme is My Baby. Since I dont have, you know, an actual baby, here is a photo of Mike doing Jazz hands underwater! 🙂 And one of him below in the wreck of the Kittewake doing the V sign that all the cool Asian kids are doing in photos these days…

If you want to see more of my Grand Cayman photos then check out other photos in my Grand Cayman 2011 Gallery.

See all the other photo Friday entries (and submit your own) for ‘My Baby’ (perhaps an actual baby though?) here.


7 thoughts on “PhotoFriday – ‘My Baby’

  1. Nice Suzy 🙂
    I had to do the same thing for the “My Baby” photo friday as I don’t have any kiddies either.
    The wreck looks fantastic! I can’t believe that blue!

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