PhotoFriday – ‘Little’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Little’

This week’s theme is Little. Whilst on our recent trip to the South Red Sea I went out looking for something little to photograph and found a colony of cleaner shrimp all living on an anemone. I watched them for ages and they got up to all sorts of cute & interesting things like fighting each other, doing yoga stretches (see below) and thinking that I needed a clean so floating over to me to help me out with that. Here are a couple of the shots that I liked.

I put these shots of him having a little stretch together in one photo as a sequence…

This little hermit crab wandered past while I was there too…

All in all a nice relaxing dive critter watching – the best ones!

If you want to see more of my recent Red Sea photos then check out other photos in my Red Sea 2011 Gallery.

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