Happy Halloween – Top 5 ocean horrors!

Ok, I thought I’d ramp up the terror factor today in honour of Halloween… here are my fav top five ocean nasties (often only seen on night dives just to make them extra scary)…

Stargazer… hides buried in the sand and leaps out at prey – eek!

Bobbit worm… A giant worm with teeth – gulp!

Arrow Crab… this guy was BIG. The small ones are ok but this monster was chasing me and looks just a little too much like a giant spider with claws for my liking

Sea Spiders …

sea snakes… not afraid of snakes personally just cautious of one of the most deadly creatures in the sea

and as a bonus: Blue ring octopus (he doesn’t actually make my top five because he was actually tiny and super cute in real life – I was expecting something like the Cracken)!

for those wondering why the lack of sharks on the scary creatures list above – well I think they’ve been vilified enough so I’m giving them a break today.


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween – Top 5 ocean horrors!

  1. Great idea for a post Suzy! Great group. Although personally I always thought Arrow Crabs had more charm than spiders. They just look like they have a personality.

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