Two exciting new projects

Just a bit of a news catch up today. I’ve started two new web projects this week.

First, a collaborative project called How to Take that photo. The brain child of Michael Toye, we’re going to be doing explanations of how we took our photos, including gear, set up, thought processes, post processing etc. The idea is to open this up for photographer guest bloggers to contribute too. I think this has the makings of a really cool project so do give us a shout if you are a photographer who wants to join in and I’ll send you some details.

Second, I already announced on twitter, is a new blog on how I’m coding up my new photography website (probably really boring and geeky to most people).  It’s based on coding for wordpress (self hosted version) and mostly a bunch of php so far. I’m a beginner so take it easy on me but as I learn how to do the various bits on my site I’m blogging them for my future reference (in case I want to make changes further down the line) and maybe it’ll be useful for others who are struggling? Eventually it’ll devolve into talking about design choices and ideas as I get nearer that part of my project. I already have the general idea of what mny site will look like but I’m sure details will drop into place as I go.

I have lots of other ideas for other things percolating but I’m not ready to share those yet 🙂 Dont worry though, I’ll not be neglecting you guys on this blog! I even swear on my little manatee friend here…


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