PhotoFriday – ‘Rugged’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Rugged’

This week’s theme is Rugged. We don’t go to many places that are rugged so this week’s theme was quite hard for me. One place sprang to mind though, back in 2005 we went shore diving in Bonaire. The beach there was quite rugged in places (as you see from the photo above with my lovely young man in it) and some of the shore entry points were quite hazardous. I probably would have fared better with thicker soled booties but I’ve not been overly fond of shore diving ever since. I should probably reprocess this photo, I’d quite like to crop out a bit of the sky.

If you want to see more of my Bonaire photos then check out other photos in my Bonaire 2005 Gallery. There arn’t many though because I was not all that inspired by Bonaire underwater (plus it was a long time ago when my rate of “keepers” was not as high as it is now).

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One thought on “PhotoFriday – ‘Rugged’

  1. I can imagine how difficult shore entires were without thick soled boots! Ouch! I was feeling the bits of coral through my Octoboots which have decently thick soles already. The large bits also made it difficult to stay upright with surge pounding the shore.

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