PhotoFriday – ‘Depth Perception’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Depth Perception’

This week’s theme is Depth Perception. With photographs (and painting & drawing) we are representing 3D subjects in 2D. Our eyes are tricked into believing the scene by clever use of lighting, depth of field, scale and perspective. If you light from the front with a ring flash for example and that is your only light, you tend to lose the essential shadows on your subject making the scene more graphical in nature. In underwater photography we also have another sense of depth. We can see deep into the photo as with a topside photo but we also might like to convey that we are at a depth underwater! (click images to see them larger).

We can use lines leading into the distance

To create more depth into the photo we can include the dark looming reefs in the background.

To create a sense of depth under the sea we can shoot outwards and use the natural blue gradient that is lighter nearer the surface and deeper blue as you look down.

We can also include well known larger items in the background to use scale to achieve our sense of depth. Background subjects like boats and divers are great for this.

these red sponges are missing something… a diver would look great in the background

Shipwreck photos create a nice sense of depth

Theres photos are from all over the world, if you want to see more of my underwater photos then check out my Galleries Collection.

See all the other photo Friday entries (and submit your own) for ‘Depth Perception’ here.


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