PhotoFriday – ‘Greenery’

Oopsie, I’m a bit late with last weeks PhotoFriday but here goes…Photo Friday entry: ’Greenery’

This week’s theme is Greenery so my first thought was of the Magroves in Raja Ampat:

which have plenty of greenery, but I wanted to introduce you to a special type of creature that mimics greenery instead. The Halimeda Crab is very well camouflaged to look like the Halimeda algae it lives in. I’ve seen these little guys in Lembeh & Raja Ampat and they are fiendishly difficult to photograph so they dont just look like leaves 🙂

If you want to see more of my Raja Ampat photos then check out other photos in my Raja Ampat 2009 Gallery.

See all the other photo Friday entries (and submit your own) for ‘Greenery’ here.


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