Podcasts I love

I love the Instacast app on the iPhone (I think they have it for android too now). It’s revolutionised my Podcast watching. I’m not going to get into a long rant about why I dislike iTunes, suffice it to say that any app that means I have to spend less time using it is excellent! With Instacast you can cache the episodes and watch them offline without plugging your iPhone into iTunes. I think pocketcast does the same but I have tried that.

Most of the podcasts I’m subscribed to are photography related. I’m sure there’s many good audio podcasts about photography but I find them a bit pointless. Photography is a visual medium so only video podcasts or enhanced (with pictures) podcasts hold my attention.

Here are the podcasts that I love:

Chase Jarvis Photography:
Chase makes cool behind the scenes videos of the various shoots & events that he does. He & his team also make videos with tips on workflow etc. He doesn’t post often (he puts loads more stuff on his blog) but what he does post is always worth watching. He hasn’t posted for a while but its worth going through the back episodes.
* video podcasts. Various lengths, mostly quite short. Infrequent.

The Art of photography – by Ted Forbes
This comes out quite frequently (1-3 times per month). I haven’t watched any of the Holga update ones (I’m not really into old film cameras). He does some nice ones where he introduces you to a photographer you may not have heard of, usually shows you their book. He seems to know a lot about photography history. He’s done a few practical ones about framing which were interesting.
* video podcasts. mostly around 15mins. frequent.

Martin Bailey Photography
Martin does behind the scenes on his shoots. Gear & software reviews. Photo critiques. Interviews with other photographers. Info & photos from his trips.
*various formats, various lengths. Frequent.

The naked photo
There’s only 5 of these but I really enjoyed them. I’m keeping it on my list in case Riaan de Beer decides to do any more. Each one takes a famous photo an really looks at it in detail. Also providing the history behind how the photo came about. I watched the Churchill one first & was hooked.
* video podcasts. mostly around 30mins. Seems to have stopped.

Tony Wu underwater photography:
This one is less formal (ie no set episodes). Tony updates this as and when he has new stuff to add. He takes video & stills underwater so sometime he shows those. Sometimes it’s chats with other photographers or editors. He shoots a lot of whales so there’s a bit of info about that.
*various formats, various lengths.various frequency.

The Grid
This is the only podcast I watch with adverts in it. The ads sponsor the show but they are still very off putting so I run them forward where I can. Having said that Scott & Matt & guests are often very entertaining.
* video podcasts. mostly around 80mins! frequent.

For video:
Final cut pro x tips & tricks – by Jerad Hill
Ive just got a gopro so I find this useful

producing video podcasts. Useful tips & tricks

Not photography:
dive film hd videos. Videos from underwater videographers.
wild oceans. Part of the earth touch series, beautifully shot nature podcasts. Underwater.
earth touch weekly highlights. Part of the earth touch series, beautifully shot nature podcasts.
TEDtalks. A variety of interesting presentations.

If you watch any good photography podcasts you’d like to recommend me then add them in the comments….


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