Mantas! Raja Ampat

The last stop on our trip was Dampier Strait where a place called Blue Magic really lived up to its name.

You don’t often here complaints of too many fish on a diving trip but sometimes the little fish would obscure the action! There were thousands of them.

As I was starting to go up for my safety stop these two mantas were swimming around and around next to me at 7m. It was really magical.

I have some video, Mantas are much more impressive when you see them moving but I need to process it so stay tuned for more updates 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mantas! Raja Ampat

  1. Thanks, it was really cool. I usually hate snorkelling but with experiences like that I could come around 🙂 Raja Ampat is a wonderful place & I’d recommend it to anyone!

  2. Thanks Mark 🙂 Still trying to workout how to process the video footage, I think you’ll really like it if I can get it to come out the way it’s in my head.

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