Nikon & Subal Gear for Sale

EDIT: this post is out of date, only showing what I’ve already sold – have moved the relevant bits to a new page

– Tripod (Manfrotto 488 ball head, gitzo G2220 legs, both used but in good working order) £150

– SOLD: Subal FE dome £470 + extention £100 + subal zoom gear £50
– SOLD: + tokina 10-17 FE lens £350
– SOLD: 105 port with focus knob £375
– SOLD: Nikon 105mm VR Macro lens (boxed with instructions and lens hood) £400
– SOLD:iPhone 4, Unlocked, 32GB, boxed £200
– SOLD: Nikon D300 body (boxed with 2 batteries & charger, & wired remote shutter) £300
– SOLD: Nikon D70 body & Nikon 18-70mm kit lens (unboxed with 1 battery & charger and lens hood) £200
– SOLD: Nikon 70-300mm (unboxed with lens hood) £50
– SOLD: Tokina 11-16mm: Nikon mount (boxed with instructions & lens hood) £200
– SOLD: Nikon 80-400mm VR (boxed with instructions, carry case & lens hood) £500

– SOLD: Whole Nikon & Subal Macro underwater set up (you’d just need to acquire strobes): £2000

  • Subal Housing ND30 (Type 3) for D300
  • Nikon D300 body (boxed with leads etc, 2 batteries & charger )
  • 60mm (type 3) flat port with front & back covers
  • Nikon 60mm lens (boxed)

Photos of Gear (and I have to thank Mike for taking all these for me)!

7 thoughts on “Nikon & Subal Gear for Sale

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  2. More info on the Lee Filters and what that includes:

    the starter kit is this:

    and includes everything listed on that site so filterwise that’s: 0.6 Neutral Density Hard Grad & 0.6 ProGlass ND Standard. it includes the holder but not the bit that adapts to the lens so I have two of those adaptors, one for 72mm lens and one for 77mm lens. eg these:

    the polariser is the round one of these

    to attach that to the filter holder from the starter kit I have a front holder ring:…polariser-ring

    Its all basically brand new. I fitted the holder together and tried the grad out for a test. Never used the rest because we didnt end up going on the above water land based trip I was planning to use it all on and theres not much call for this sort of set up underwater. I searched for them all online (mostly amazon) and added them up to a total price of £596 so I’m thinking £450 is a really good price! I hope you do too

    EDIT: I sold the polariser so the price has drop to just include starter kit and adaptor rings

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