I’m taking over @WeRPhotography on twitter for a week

Weekly Photographer

As some of you may know I go by @scuba_suzy on twitter. I tweet mainly about photography and scuba related things with my 140 characters. This week from midnight tonight I’ll be taking over the curated account @WeRPhotography.


So what is a curated account then? Well, essentially its an account that is run by different people. In the case of @WeRPhotography it features a different photographer /photography enthusiast each week to tweet about themselves, their work, their interests, basically anything they like. There are a few guidelines though. My fave of which is tweeting to ask Leonard Nimoy to take over for a week, yes Mr Spock is a photographer of naked ladies – who knew?! Here’s the introduction to the @WeRPhotography account project, brainchild of @JustJimWillDo which explains the whole thing in more detail. And the reason why I’m involved? Well as part of the process of taking over for a week Jim does a little interview with you and on week 6, Rebecca Jackrel recommended me as one of the people she’d like to see take part. So thanks Rebecca, thanks Jim, this looks like its going to be fun 🙂


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