What is your Scuba diving bucket list?

Inspired by a recent DiveMistress post I thought I’d see if I could quickly list out my bucket list. I feel incredibly lucky to have already crossed off many and I doubt I’ll get to all the rest of these in my lifetime but I think its important to have far-reaching goals.

  • Raja Ampat: again.
  • Red Sea: again.
  • South Africa: sardine run
  • Grand Cayman: when the coral is sporning.
  • Australia: I’d like to see the sea dragons in the south, Adelaide and Dive in Sydney Harbour to see all the different types of sea horses.
  • Bahamas: the swimming piggies
  • Hawaii: the Mantas feeding at night. Schooling Hammerheads.
  • Palau: Jellyfish lake.
  • Anywhere: I’d like to see seahorse giving birth. I’ve seen it in photos, it must be awe inspiring in real life.
  • Anywhere: Whales & dolphins underwater.
  • Wishful thinking but not practical for me: I’d love to see penguins in the water at the south pole but since I hate cold water I think I’ll just couch-surf these little guys!

What is on your Scuba diving bucket list? Add yours (or links to your posts) in the comments below 🙂


13 thoughts on “What is your Scuba diving bucket list?

  1. Raja Ampat (Alex M has another trip for 2014), Chuuk (Shannon C has a trip in 2014), Lembeh (Wetpixel 2013) and the Babbacombe cuttlefish, not to mention Charlie Hood’s basking sharks, should I ever escape from the clutches of work…

    … basically, I’ve put a lot of effort into MY bucket list for 2013-14!

  2. Great post Suzy! Here is my (ever growing) list.
    – oceanic white tips on Cat Island, Bahamas
    – tonga humpbacks
    – Raja Ampat
    – Wakatobi
    – critters of Lembeh
    – back to Fiji- Kadavu & Taveuni this time
    – Easter Island- ultra great viz and underwater Moai!

  3. Sulawesi, Indonesia – all kinds of fun and strange little creatures (this is a good place for the seahorses giving birth if you are lucky)… also Bikini Atoll for wrecks and the Philippines have great diving as well…

  4. Suzy,

    Have you been to the Galapagos and Cocos Islands? If not, add them to the list. We are up for Rajah Ampat in 2 years. Need to do Lembeh. Dominica is on my list as is St. Vincent. Various Pacific Islands (Fiji, Palau), Hawaii. Would love the Pacific NW but I don’t do dry suits.

  5. – Raja Ampat (next year yeaaaah!!!!)
    – Alor indonesia (been twice, would go again) : eagle rays, mola mola, barracudas, hammerheads if you are lucky, sperm whales if you’re in a the right season, muck diving as good as in Lembeh, indonesia like it should be when left unspoiled…
    – Rangiroa Atol (French Polynesia): sharks, sharks, Mantas, more sharks…
    – South Africa : Sardine run

    Now for the cold stuff
    – White sea (Russia) : diving with beluga whales
    – South poll : Leopard seals
    – Vancouver Island: Orcas

  6. No one has added New Zealand to their list yet!!
    I’ve got Raja Ampat at the top of my list and another post coming on some others. Some great places above 🙂

  7. So tell us what we’re missing in NZ? Maybe it’s not on anyone’s list because they don’t know? What’s it like re water temp, critters etc?

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