Just Back from Red Sea

Mike & I are just back back from a two week Alex Mustard workshop in the Red Sea, Egypt aboard M/Y Whirlwind. No matter how many times I go to the northern red sea I still love it! We saw wrecks, we saw reefs, we saw massive schooling fish, it was excellent. I got to use my new camera 🙂 and revisit some techniques (filters, off camera strobes, time-lapse etc). Over the next few days I’ll share my images and videos from the trip with you under the tag red sea 2013. Here is a sneak peak from what I have sorted out so far.

4 thoughts on “Just Back from Red Sea

  1. These images only serve to increase the agony of my decision making, Suzy – new SLR or micro four-thirds?! Nice work (and good fun meeting you guys).

  2. Thanks Paul. Stay tuned. Tomorrows post will be all about my new camera with may or may not affect how you think about your decision for new SLR or 4:3rds 🙂

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