Shark week 2013

As you probably know its been #SharkWeek this week. Shark week was started on the discovery channel in the late ‘80s as a way to educate people about sharks with a weeklong schedule dedicated to them. The only bit of shark week I caught was a blatant fear mongering piece called great white gauntlet, where abelone divers have to face the danger of diving with great whites without a cage. Well so? They are obviously greedy idiots! Abelone are edible sea snails which fetch a load of cash. Great white sharks are wild animals and need to be respected as such. I wouldn’t go sniffing around a hungry lion or a tiger and expect him not to want to eat me. Any wild animal would so why blame the sharks? Its very sad that the discovery channel isnt taken more oppertnity with shark week to raise awareness of for the plight of sharks rather than the “plight” of greedy idiots.

Sharks in the media are often only portrayed as killing machines and whilst I have a healthy respect for my safety whilst I’m in the water with them, mankind is the aggressor here, we kill millions of sharks per year with the barbaric practice of shark fining (hacking off the fins of sharks and tossing the rest back into the sea to slowly starve to death or drown). Sharks don’t produce many young and the demand for shark fin soup has driven many species to the brink of extinction (as an aside, the same folks who like to eat shark fin soup are usually the same folks who like Abelone). As a tribute to sharks worldwide I give you my list of sharky link. If you have any good ones please add them in the comments below.

I choose not the eat seafood but even if you don’t want to go that far why not spread the word and take the pledge?

While you’re at it check out my sustainable seafood guide at the bottom of my sidebar on the right ->

This is a whaleshark from Mexico – they only eat plankton:

This is a woebegone (carpet shark) in Indonesia.

this is the closest I’ve ever come to a hammerhead shark (its plastic :() I’d love to see them in the wild, hopefully I’ll still be able too one day.

2 thoughts on “Shark week 2013

  1. I enjoyed this piece Suzy. I used to be a zealous Shark Week fan, but this year (and last) I was extremely disappointed. Gone are the educational, science based shows of yesteryear. They’ve been replaced by melodramatic puff pieces.

    Another great shark advocacy group –

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