My Wedding Day

It’s been a long time coming but finally I got my wedding photos & video on the web 🙂

Mike & I got married at the end of August in a lovely little Windmill with a very small set of close family, then back to Dads for photos & cake.

See more photos here.

We decided not to go with a wedding photographer/videographer so here are the results of the day taken by ourselves & family. During the wedding I had a gopro in my bouquet, one on the side on a little mini tripod & Mikes dad filmed most of the ceromony too (thank goodness because the audio from my gopro (in its case) was terrible. Unfortunately the HD version was a little over my Vimeo upload allowance so you’ll have to make do with standard def, which is more squished than I’d have liked, sorry about that.

You can watch it on vimeo here.

Photos from our honeymoon coming up next!


8 thoughts on “My Wedding Day

  1. Wow! You two look so happy and the pictures are great. Many Happy Returns to you both (although I don’t know really what that means)… Hope to run into you on a dive trip somewhere in the world.. Hugs Diana

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  3. You deserve all of my best wishes, but you shouldn’t toye with your husband, you know…

    … and you are engaged in a high-risk strategy, no matter how joyful it looks: have you noticed the way that married women drift away from scuba?

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