Open House London: City Hall

The weekend before last, much of London opened its doors to the public for the yearly open house. We only got around to seeing City Hall – but what a place!

After going through airport style scanners (no penknives etc) you are herded to the lifts up to see the amazing views of London from the viewing balcony which spans the whole way around the top floor.

On the way back down you can take the spiral (helical) staircase around & around all the way down to the great auditorium area. I very much enjoyed taking photos on the way down (don’t forget to look up). You need a super-wide-angle lens for this though! Here are some of my photos from the day.

We were even on London Bridge when it opened for a passing tall ship, which I’ve never seen despite living in London all my life.

I put all my random London photos here in my London Gallery. I hope to get around a bit more at next years open house london but I hope you enjoyed my take on City Hall 🙂


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