Happy World Octopus Day!

Today is World Octopus Day!

octopus infographic

I love these guys, I’m glad they get their own day. I enjoyed seeing the video & infographic (below) from the National Aquarium but I prefer my creatures out in the open ocean here are a few charters I’ve met on my travels:

Octopus in the Red Sea:

Blue ring – Danger!

I’d heard a lot about these guys, killers with blue rings. I was expecting a proper sized octopus. I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw him. So tiny! I was sure to keep my pinky fingers out of his reach thou, just in case 😉

Coconut shell octopus are often found living inside discarded bottles and other trash these days but in 2007 I managed to actually find one with a coconut shell!

But do wonderpus & squid get a look in, here are some I met in Raja Ampat?


6 thoughts on “Happy World Octopus Day!

  1. Cool photos. About coconut octopus, check that video (from my partner) taken in Bali this summer at 06:06 :

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