Photofriday – ‘Swift’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Swift’

It always amazes me how quickly many creatures move in the ocean. Not being native ocean dwellers us humans are pretty poor at travelling though the water (unless we have motorised help). When you see Barracuda schooling they don’t look that fast as they circle around and around, but when a predator comes around, just blink you’ll miss them! Amazing creatures to watch. I was lucky enough to see them on my last trip to the red sea.

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7 thoughts on “Photofriday – ‘Swift’

  1. Amazing shots here Suzy. I am not used to seeing barracuda in such large schools, or any schools at all for that matter. In the Caribbean, it seems they are more solitary. But maybe I am getting different species of barracuda mixed up. I really like the B&W versions.

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