Photofriday – ‘Fiery’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Fiery’

This is a photo of Fire Coral. If you’ve every accidentally brushed past it with bare limbs you’ll know why its called fire coral, it burns really badly! Essentially it’s like an underwater version of a stinging nettle.

You can find lots of critters in and around the fire coral because they use it as protection or for a higher vantage point on the reef. The best place to see fire coral that I’ve found is the Red Sea where I took all these photos (over the years).

Here is some kind of crab on fire coral:

Hawkfish on fire coral:

Brittlestar on fire coral:

Tiny squat lobster on fire coral:

This is a pretty bad photo but this little clownfish made his home in the fire coral:

If you want to see my underwater photos from various places then check out the collection of galleries in my Reef Beasties Gallery.

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One thought on “Photofriday – ‘Fiery’

  1. Very interesting and beautiful photos. The fish is a cosy one 🙂
    I think it’s difficult to photograph under water because the camera must be steady.
    Have a nice weekend,

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