Daram, Raja Ampat

I think the best way to show you the different beautiful areas of our Raja Ampat trip is to split it up somewhat based on my little route map, first stop Daram. Here we visited Andiamo and The Candy Store divesites. Please click on the images to see them larger on phase.

The image above shows the silversides racing back and forth just under the surface of the water (chased by the jacks pictured here).

We dropped down on our first dive (on the Candy Store) and I found this little chap sitting in a fan at about 18m. For those who don’t know, He’s a Bargibant pygmy seahorse (this one was about 2cm tall).

The image below is of a scorpion fish blending himself in with the reef.

This area has some of the biggest sea fans I’ve ever scene, much bigger than a person (and impossible for me to light), here are two biggish ones.. these are at the limit of the lighting I have with the tiny strobe arms on my camera.

for more images of the divesites at Daram see the full Raja Gallery here. I hope you enjoyed those and will tune in tomorrow for the next stop on our tour.

3 thoughts on “Daram, Raja Ampat

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  2. Hi, I’m planning to travel in April to R4. We arent able to take a LOB. This means we need to focus in either north or south. As in south there’s only Misool Resort, I want to ask if you think North is worth to visit. We will visit Lembeh so we are looking for a lot of life, nice coral reefs, and bigger fish.


  3. Hello, The north & the south are both really full of life. Actually when we were there all the Manta were up north but I don’t know if thats the norm. I’m doing a post next about the north so you can see the pictures and see what you think 🙂 to be honest you’ll have a great time in this area whichever you decide.

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