PhotoFriday – ‘Reflection’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Reflection’

Its been a while since I’ve participated in PhotoFriday and this is a nice easy theme for me to come back with. Reflections underwater are usually of interesting critters or reefscape right at the surface. Good reflections only really materialise when the water is dead calm though. Although you can get calm waters out by the reef, the most calm place I’ve been to is the Mangroves, where the images above and below are taken (unless otherwise stated)

Sometimes in slightly less calm water the slight ripples can have an interesting effect as with this Whaleshark below (clearly not in the mangroves!)

If you want to see my underwater photos from various places then check out the collection of galleries in my Reef Beasties Gallery.

To see all the other photo Friday entries (and submit your own) for ‘Reflection’ here.

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