PhotoFriday – ‘Movement’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Movement’

A photograph is a static image, by definition a frozen moment in time. Short of switching to video how do we imply movement in our photographs? Well, there are several techniques including Implied Action, Panning and Effective use of slow shutter speeds. The latter two I’ve already done exercises for over on my OCA blog on subjects such as birds & skateboarders, see the links to the posts above. The method I like to use underwater is Implied Action, which means exactly what you’d imagine it to mean, you know what the subject is likely to be doing and the photograph is caught at such a moment as they are in the middle of doing it, the upward sweep of fish all swimming in one direction for example. Here I’ve gathered together some of my favour photos of fish doing what they do best.

I’ll end with one fish slowmo which I completely messed up, I actually should have switched my flash to rear (2nd) curtain sync for this so the blur is behind them:

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