Interviewed by Olympus Magazine

Olympus Interview

In this months Olympus Magazine (June 2014) there is an interview with yours truly (p12&13). Check it out here.

Olympus Interview p2 Olympus Interview p3
Olympus Interview p4Olympus Interview p5Olympus Interview p6


7 thoughts on “Interviewed by Olympus Magazine

  1. Very nice article, Suzy – and images, of course. I noted one very handsome diver in the background of one Red Sea image. Wonder who it was? Great to see you at the book launch, by the way.

  2. Congratulations on being published, Suzy. Your photos are amazing and very inspiring. I’m in the process of getting re-certified in scuba. I started scuba years ago, but had to put it on hold until now. I’m looking forward to taking my photography into the underwater world.

  3. I am on the Egypt trip, Suzy – brilliant that you got a place (kind boss?). It’s looking like a bit of a reunion!

  4. …and I’m currently sharing with Jarret. I’ll give you a thousand pounds if you take responsibility for him…

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