PhotoFriday – ‘Moving’

This week’s Photo Friday entry: ’Moving’

Light painting

It seems only yesterday that Photofriday used the theme of Movement (but it was in fact this time last year). An ironic theme for me at the moment considering I’m like a beached whale waiting for the baby to come out! My last post for the theme was very fishy, implied movement of fishes featuring swirling barracuda and suchlike. I suppose I could have gone down the route of moving as in emotionally touching but I’m trying to stay away from anything that might make my hormones even worse so this time I wanted to show you a different type of movement, my light painting experiments (where you leave the shutter open in a darkened room and move around/paint with light). There are many better examples of this all over the web but this was my first go with some indoor sparklers, Mike and a friend of ours from a while back 🙂 It was great fun so I’d recommend giving it a go.

Light painting

Light painting

Light painting

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